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This website is owned and developed by Jim and Laura Hofman, two long time residents of Naperville, Illinois.  Since 1987, we’ve made downtown Naperville one of our frequent destinations for relaxation, socializing, and a cold beer or two.

Looking for downtown Naperville bar specials? Each bar’s page has a live link to their website at the bottom. Most downtown Naperville bars are very good about updating their websites and Facebook pages with their current specials …

Way back when in the late 80′s and early 90′s, we used to do pub crawls in downtown Naperville, one beer at each place. It was doable back then as there were only a few bars. That’s not the case now, as you can surmise by surveying the list of establishments to your right …

Over all these years, we’ve seen a lot of places come and go in downtown Naperville, but we’re happy to say this thriving walkable community is more vibrant than ever!

In addition to all the bars/restaurants we’ve covered here, downtown Naperville is a great place to shop, stroll, and enjoy any time of year.  Park the car and explore downtown Naperville’s several walkable blocks filled with specialty stores, great restaurants, and of course, bars.

We are not affiliated with the City of Naperville, Downtown Naperville Alliance, or any of the Naperville bars.  This website is a labor of love and is intended to spotlight all the bars in downtown Naperville.  Just for the sake of clarity, we are not compensated in any way to list these bars on our site.

Although we prefer to emphasize the positive because we love downtown Naperville, you’ll find we don’t pull any punches either. Great places, good places, and even not-so-good, you’ll find it all right here.

Feel free to explore all the links on the menu on the right hand side. You’ll get a virtual tour and an overview of each of downtown Naperville’s bars, along with a bit of commentary based on our many years of patronage at many of these establishments.

Of course, we invite and encourage you to form your own opinions. What we might enjoy might not be your preference, and vice versa. The best way to form your opinion is to visit downtown Naperville, stop in for a drink or two, and relax and enjoy the scene. We’re confident you’ll find a few places you’ll want to visit again and again …


Jim Hofman

Thanks again for visiting DowntownNapervilleBars.com !

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